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Belfast Met - ESOL Assessment & Enrolment Process 20/21

·       Applicant to book an enrolment for ESOL at the Belfast Met by choosing a date available on Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/esol-assessment-2021-tickets-111288109732

·       During booking, the applicant confirms if they are at ‘Pre-entry’ level (have NO previous knowledge of English language) and preferred class times.

·       If the applicant is ‘Pre-entry’ they will not do the assessment but will have to send us an enrolment form complete.

·       If the applicant is NOT at ‘Pre-entry’ level (have some previous or basic knowledge of English language), we will send you a link to Canvas to create your account and an enrolment form to complete (please see below the key information you will need to complete into the enrolment form).

·       Once Canvas account has been created, you will be sent a Reading skills assessment.

·       Once the Reading skills assessment has been completed, we will send a Writing skills assessment based on your Reading assessment mark.

The Friday before their enrolment date, we will send each applicant an email advising that they need to have sent us an enrolment form and completed their assessments to enable them to get enrolled. Also to be available to receive a call or email on their booked enrolment date between 9am – 4pm. This email will be different for any ‘Pre-entry’ and ‘Non-Pre-entry’ applicants, and applicants who have already completed necessary tasks and those who haven’t.

At booked enrolment date, administration staff will try to call in the morning, if they don’t get through they will send an email. If we haven’t received a reply, we will call again in the afternoon. If still no reply, we will mark the applicant as non-attended.

The Belfast Met - ESOL enrolment form 20/21 - You will find a copy of the enrolment form through the following link –



If you feel you can't complete the form or you have nobody else to help you complete the form electronically, please email the following details to ESOL@belfastmet.ac.uk:

1. First Name and Surnames in full

2. Date of Birth and gender

3. Email address (your own email address if you have access to one)

4. Telephone number (or mobile)

5. Your home address in full, including postcode

6. Your nationality 

7. Your current immigration status - (EU member, Non-EU member, Refugee (or Refugee VPRS), Asylum seeker or any other immigration category relevant to your current circumstances

8. Your first language 

Contact Us

    If you wish to enquire about anything, please feel free to contact us at:
  • Ligia Parizzi
  • LParizzi@belfastmet.ac.uk
  • 10 Girdwood Avenue
  • Belfast
  • BT14 6EG